Custom Button Instructions

If you would like to make a button using an image on the computer:

Criteria for the image:
MUST be AT LEAST 800×600 pixels in size.
-Use common sense to realize that the button is round, and if your image is square or rectangular, that the corners may be cut off. When you have an image that is not relatively in the shape of a circle, I will give you two options: either the corners are rounded off to form a circle, or I put a background colour, and your image will be completely shown. (For examples on what this might look like, you can check out the Custom Buttons for Amanda. The first button is what it looks like with a background colour, in this case, black. The second button is what your image may look like cropped into a circle.)

-So send me your picture, either through my Facebook page, or if you’re more comfortable, through email. Make sure that I have some way of contacting you back, just in case I need clarification, or have a problem that I need you to decide on.

-Also, make sure that you pay me in advance because your button will not be made until it is paid for. Either pay through the school store, fill out a custom order form, just name, TA, and email, and write on the side or attach something that says what you ordered from me, and I’ll send you an email that confirms you paid

-When your button is finished, you’ll receive a notice in TA to pick up your button, and just follow the instructions from there.

-If there are any problems, questions, or concerns, feel free to contact me or talk to me on Facebook, here on my website, or another way.

Wear a button, and be happy 🙂

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